Cosmetic Repair & Restoration Services

We provide a variety of services that will restore your vehicle to its former glory.

Dent and Ding Removal

Our professional paintless dent repair technicians can remove minor dings and dents from the body of your vehicle using special tools to “massage” the dent out of the car. This process is a fraction of the cost of using a body shop and there is no need for Bondo, fillers, or paint. Repairs can be completed within minutes.

Rim Repair

Curbs and potholes can take their toll on your rims. Scrapes, scratches, gouges and dings all make your wheels unsightly. Our specialized wheel repair system can remove curb scratches, chips and scrapes to make your wheels look new.

Headlight Cleaning & Restoration

Hazy, unclear headlights are not only unsightly – they are dangerous. Cloudy headlights can reduce the amount of visible light while driving at night by up to 30%. Our headlight restoration will restore your foggy and cloudy headlights to like new condition with a bright, clear finish.

Interior Reconditioning

We can bring your vehicle’s interior back to almost new. Unsightly tears and burns in upholstery and carpet can severely reduce its worth. Our interior repair system can refurbish your leather, vinyl, fabric, and carpet to preserve your car’s value in a fraction of the time and cost of full replacement.

Bumper Refinishing

Dents and scratches in your bumper bring the value of your vehicle down. In many instances we can repair your bumper without replacing the original.

Minor Paint Touch Ups

Rocks, door dings and scrapes can cause unattractive chips and scratches in your paint. But these blemishes can become more than “skin deep” if left untreated. Dings and scratches can lead to rust spots. We expertly match your paint color to restore your car to a like new condition for a better looking and healthier finish.

Windshield Repair

Chips and stars on your windshield can easily turn into cracks and webs if not repaired. Quality windshield repair will restore the structural integrity of the windshield, help prevent damage from spreading, and make the blemishes less noticeable, without removing or replacing the glass. We can repair cracks up to one inch.

Odor Removal

We can help take care of unsavory odors in your vehicle. We handle everything from tobacco and fire damage, to pet and “mystery” odors.

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